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A new roleplay forum I am trying to get up and running. Any new members appreciated, unlike proboards, this forum host allows mature content.
Puppet on a string
Why won't you dance for me
Strung up so prettily
Yet you just won't sing

Are you broken
What is wrong
I tug the chords
But you won't go along

You sway limply
You smile no more
Your bright button eyes
Have turned cold as stone

Misses dear
I don't want to play
I'm tired
Of all your games

I spin and twirl
I smile and sing
Not because I want to
I really hate these games

I hate the songs
And I hate these strings
I'm not a bird
Not happy to be caged

I'm tired
And bitter
I know I can do more

I'm angry
I'm cold
Unable to touch the floor

I swear
Misses dear
I can stand on my own

Untie these strings
Let me walk freely
I'm aware I might fall
But it's worth it all

Ignorant toy
Your threads with come loose
You'll become stained and dirty
And fall all apart
Don't think I'll take you back
So ugly and tattered

It's better to stay hanging
Let's keep playing
Rid those silly thoughts
They don't suit you
Just stop thinking
And let's play like we used to

Misses dear
I love you so
But just let me go
If you won't untie these knots
You leave little choice
Even though I know
That it'd cause you pain
I want to live
My life is my own
Misses dear
You blind yourself
And if I must
I'll take these scissors
And cut you off
Rebel Doll
A poem to my mother and our unspoken war. I'm not a doll anymore.
Fingertips caress
Against the grain
Flicking the edges
Tempting fate
The expanse is white
As fresh fallen snow

Laced with some inexplicable exhilaration

The binding cracks
Having never been coaxed
It resists a moment
Then hesitantly gives way
Timid and curious
Blank and clueless
So many possibilities
An unwritten story

The smell of something new

Other books
Lay stacked on a desk
The body of what Memories are

They may no longer lay open
To kiss the tip of lead
The stories may be finished
Or hanging limply by the threads
Still there they stay
Welcomed in that place
As a new story begins

A simple tale of boy meets girl
And twists of fate yet to come
Of smiles and laughter
Of pain and tears
Of longing and love
Of anger and fears
These white pages
Will be smudged with wear

Impressions made upon the heart

Over time the story may fade
The fire that burned
Darkening to coals
Or it may blossom
As a garden in spring
Despite the ending
Or the lack thereof
The pages that are written
Will not be forgot
Another reboot of our forum has taken place and we are looking to expand our community once again. We started off as Hetalia-Only, but have now broadened our visions to original ideas as well. We are a Casual to High-Casual roleplaying community and everyone is exceptionally creative. We'd appreciate it if you'd at least stop by and check us out. We have a ton of ideas and just need the people willing to help breathe life into them. We're eagerly accepting new arrivals!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am 17-years-old and living on the West coast of America. I have graduated high school and plan on taking a double majour of History and Literature in college. I would love to be an author, but my motivation is no where near the best and I doubt I could ever make it big . . . though Twilight's popularity leaves a sliver of hope for even the most illiterate and idiotic writers I have seen

I am a hard critic, I can rip something to shreds with the most simple of words and phrases which have reduced some to tears. I'm unsure whether to be proud or not of such an achievement, but I will say I am currently proud since the author has come a long way with her writing style and plot development.

I write mostly fanficton to refine and experiment with new styles, but I doubt I'll have a future for more than editing, and I hear that can be . . . bad for the health.

I love anime and manga, I even think and dream in such styles of art, and I draw once in a while, but i truely am no good at it. As such, my favourite anime is Axis Powers Hetalia, simply because it is funny and historically accurate, when they aren't they leave notes to explain that. While politically inaccurate and offensive to prudes and hardass patriots, it is endearing with characters you can love so much that you hate.

I am actually interested in collecting amazing artists and fellow writers to create a complex doujinshi circle with writers writing the story and artists drawing it out in manga format, making it neater and much more professional. This is based off of the style Death Note was created, written by one and drawn by another, and it turned out beautifully until the part where L died (So while the ending was magnificently portrayed and bitter sweet, it was more bitter because, admittedly, we all wanted L to win, not be overthrown by Near who was no where near the likable character L was). But it is really just an interest and not an active idea. Sad really.

I love meeting new people, especially fellow writers who can professionally critique a written piece. Ever want to chat, send me a message.

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I'm going to start off small to see if I can even get donations for a Premium Membership. Thank you to everyone who does bother helping me out. ^^

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